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tv   With All Due Respect  Bloomberg  August 31, 2015 11:00pm-11:31pm EDT

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>> with all due respect, this election is about china. >> china. >> china. >> china. >> china. >> china. something about that video makes me laugh. on the show, the king and i, obama gone wild and republicans say the darndest things. first, american gladiators.
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hillary clinton's once massively in the first caucus state is collapsing. she has lost 1/3 of first support down to 37%. that is the first time she has been under 50 in one of our iowa polls this year. bernie sanders is on the rise. how much hawkeye state trouble is hillary in and why? >> i would think not as much as you think she is in. i do not think the lead is collapsing so much as it is dwindling. it is like the third week in spring training. if you are living in iowa you're thinking about sweetcorn and there is all that going on. she is very strong candidate. >> it is not good. mike: that is not good. >> the fact that he is putting together this coalition that looks like the obama coalition, college kids, first time
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caucus-goers, liberals, some independents, those are the people who got barack pastor the last time. mike: i would be less worried about that than the fact that when she comes on stage, she comes with this huge piece of luggage called the past. clinton's past. elections are about the future. the e-mail stuff resurrect a past that people are somewhat uncomfortable with. that is what i would be worried about. john: there is a bipartisan desire, they want something that feels real and authentic and she does not will find any of those scores right now. mike: i don't blame people for thinking like that. look what people have endured in
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terms of politicians over the last 15 years with the possible exception who -- of one young man who ran, his name was barack obama. on the republican side, donald trump leads the field. there is an even bigger headline here. in trump vernacular, it is huge. ben carson surged. jeb bush and scott walker lag. in the past two months trump has shown up from 4% to 23% but so has carson. he is not far behind, increasing to 18%. what is the deal with ben carson's surge? john: i will say this. you have trump at 23%.
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you have carson at 18%. and cruz at 8$ and walker at 8. jump, carson, fiorina. all of them cover 50%. the top four establishment candidates will -- some are in. mike: could you give me those names and numbers again? to? do they add up john: up to about 54%. mike: if i lived in iowa, i would want to know where each of the numbers of the 53% were. i want to the best far away from them as possible because there is some seriously wrong with republican party if those people combined have a majority of the voters.
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john: another thing with ben carson, he is a nice man. he is a brilliant, talented neurosurgeon. he does not have standard locations for office. he is leading trump in the votes of evangelical voters. that is a huge chunk of the iowa electorate. he is the guy that stands the best chance of being the evangelical candidate and he has a huge following. no doubt about that. unless one thing, given what you said, given the numbers, given the field. unless my orthodontist went to iowa, he is a nice man, very religious and he might give ben carson a run for his money. these people are odd. >> i want to show you something else. this is a closer race then trump has seen. those are compelling.
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his unfavorable-favorable turned upside down as favorable. the number of those people who said they would never vote for him in may which was huge, it has turned around. his internal numbers in the poll very good for him. mike: why do you think that is good? john: he is everywhere, dominating everything. >> you can't turn on a tv set without seeing him. >> over the weekend, two candidates that did not do well, scott walker and chris christie had a couple of curious or odd ideas about how to handle immigration. take a listen. >> we let people come to this country with visas and the minute they come in we lose track of them. so here is what i am going to do.
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i will ask fred smith, founder of fedex, work for the government. we need to have a system that tracks you from the moment you come in and when your time is up whether it is three months or six, how long -- however long it is. we tap you on the shoulder. thanks for coming. time to go. mike: why don't we talk about the northern border? that is a legitimate issue. john: one of them is to make immigrants into fedex packages. track those with chips. the other wants to build a wall between canada and the united states. which of these ideas is crazier and why are we hearing this kind of talk? mike: in chris christie's case with his proposal he watched "casino royale" and saw the injection of the tracker in james bond's arm.
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scott walker is angling for the bricklayers union endorsement to build this 7000 mile wall across northern canada. no wonder people think politics is increasingly absurd. both ideas are absurd. john: to me that is the most obviously i could say. this is all the trump factor. two relatively mainstream normal politicians who are trying to figure out how do i get some of that trump energy, how do i get in the game. trump will build the wall in mexico. i will build the wall in canada. the canadians are nice people. mike: president obama is arriving in alaska today. he is giving a speech about global warming and see some of those melting glaciers. he is changing the name of mount mckinley.
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the tallest peak in the u.s. to mount denali. will this trip he remembered for his message on climate change or the fact he changed the name of a mountain? john: the mountain. john boehner disapproves and he says don't change mckinley. mckinley was a great man. karl rove has a book on mckinley. karl rove is upset about it. it's apparently going to be very strong. there is a little bit of a yolo quality. i'm only going to be president for another year. i will start changing the names of stuff. mike: at one point, the president of the united states
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told mark, i am fearless. he has nothing to fear because he will not be on the ballot. he will soon name a car after you. john: i am looking forward to seeing that. choose your own advenutre. up next, with the u.s. open getting underway, my interview with tennis legend with billie jean king. we will go inside the mind of joe biden when we come back. ♪
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john: the u.s. open kicks off today. serena williams goes for that coveted grand slam. i sat down with multiple grand slammer billie jean king. we began by talking about what
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she thought was the state of women's tennis today. ms. king: i would say it is in fantastic shape. we are playing for $130 million worldwide. when nine of us signed a $1 million contract in 1970, we were living our dream. to have any girl to make a living -- we used to make $14 a day in the old days. we could not make a living. it has happened. it is international, it is totally global. john: it is the case that women's tennis players get paid less. ms. king: in major championships, we get paid the same.
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when you hear the word open era that means 1968. we all have fought behind the scenes. venus williams is on a team with the current later to make that happen and we have [inaudible] the u.s. open was the first one to do equal prize money in 1973. john: do you think we have equity? ms. king: no. it is easier for men's sports in general to get people to invest and invest over a long time. major league soccer is one of those examples. john: and endorsement dollars are bigger than that. ms. king: correct. john: there was a story that ran in the new york times just before wimbledon. female body types in tennis. it focused on serena williams. ms. king: did they talk about male body types? john: no. ms. king: of course.
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john: a lot of women on the tour do not want to look like serena williams, they said. ms. king: not true. every woman on the circuit wants to be a strong and flexible as she can. her job is to be fit in every way and also to be dynamic. you have to be ballistic and be able to sprint. every woman in tennis that is going to be any good, the ones want to be great, they make their bodies as strong and flexible as possible. whatever comes out of that healthwise and how they look is who they are. john: she has been criticized at various times for her physique. ms. king: she is african-american. they have different physiques and you have to understand each culture and different physiques. an african-american, maybe she
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has the perfect body to someone who is white who is skinny and more -- it depends on everyone. john: i was not criticizing and i am not endorsing the criticism. just to be clear. over the years she has been criticized for her body to -- for trying to look like a man, etc. ms. king: that is not true. that was happening to martina navratilova when she came over. they should be proud of their bodies. it hurts women overall and it does not help society when people are negative about women's bodies. john: did you pay attention to the women's world cup? ms. king: i was watching. john: you were excited about the success of the team. his king: they sent me a jersey. to women'sonnected
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soccer since 1999. it was so cute how they sent the jersey. to hold it up and tweet it. england came in for the third time. and i watched us win. we had two goals out of the box in minutes. it was great. john: did you feel any gratification that the lesbian members of the team were welcomed and honored in a way that i have not noticed before and professional sports. ms. king: it is shifting. the thing is to be your most authentic self. just be yourself and be good to each other.
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it is a heck of a lot better to kiss someone than to hit them. i think we have to be happy for others and want people to be their authentic self. john: i want to ask you about caitlyn jenner. when you came out after having not been out, you managed to take that and move the conversation forward when that happened for you. caitlyn jenner has moved the conversation forward in another way. ms. king: everyone keeps moving. like renee richards, who was my ophthalmologist. she played world team tennis in the 1970's. we are very inclusive. we do not care what gender you are. we want people to be whoever they are. i knew kaitlyn when she was bruce. knowing renee was very helpful to me to understand what they have been through. at the time it was bruce's interview and now she is
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caitlyn. she will be comfortable and because she gets so much exposure through reality shows, if people are talking about it, that is important to have dialogue. john: i think in sports in general but in tennis there are relatively few out athletes. even though the culture has shifted a lot. is that mostly because of endorsement? ms. king: tennis has more outs. for men, i think it is more difficult for the guys. what we need is people to support each other. we need straight quarterbacks that stand up and say i don't care who is on our team as long as they do their job. i don't care if they are gay or straight. we need straight quarterbacks, i am just giving you example. that would be perfect. if a straight quarterback came out and said, really before each team player and a matter who they are, what they are. as long as they do their job. you have to do your job to be a pro athlete.
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john: there are -- is a conventional wisdom that one of the pressures against coming out is that you lose endorsement dollars. do you think that is true or is it changing? ms. king: when women come out in tennis, they have not lost their endorsement. i got the lead because i am older than martina navratilova. she was able to continue to play when the prize money kept coming up. when you're playing to compete you make money. she did not get as many endorsements as some of the other straight players. john: a couple years ago there were news reports that the match, your match with bobby riggs was fixed. how frustrating is that for you? first of all, not true, right? ms. king: not true. i knew bobby riggs really well. if you are going to wait 40
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years to talk about it you know that is not right. why did they not do that a year later? that does not bother me. john: that was not aggravating? ms. king: if it were true. i know the truth. john: you would kick his ass for real. ms. king: thanks. ♪ >> we break down the biden factor.
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john: let's talk biden. joe biden was in the poll at 14%.
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if you reallocated his votes, clinton and bernie sanders gained equally. my question for you is if you are joe biden sitting at home reading that whole, you have 13%, what do you think about iowa, is there an opening for you there and how do you think joe is thinking about this right now? he is someone you know pretty well. mike: i love the vice president. for many reasons. one of the principal reasons is he is real. he is genuine. he is a human unlike a lot of other people in politics. what you see is what you get. to your question, if he is looking at those numbers which i assume he must be, if he is the about his future in terms of electoral politics which he might be. here is his problem. he belongs to a club that nobody wants to join.
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he has buried one of his children. no matter who's talking to him or advisor coming to see him, he is in a frame of mind where something he sees in the car driving past a field is going to remind him of the boy he lost and i don't know given the cargo his family carries that he would have the mental energy or physical energy to conduct a presidential campaign. >> i think 14% is pretty good if you are not announced but on the other hand it is not overwhelming. some people around him say there is an opening for you. i like the vice president a lot but i do not see a drumbeat within the party regulars nor
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among voters for biden to get in. that is not to say he could not run but there is not a drumbeat for him. if you weigh that out, there is no doubt hillary clinton is weak and startling around but there is no drumbeat. then you have the emotional fuel, whether it is in the tank. mike: you have far more expertise that if hillary linton lost iowa, there is the opening for the vice president. >> he might be one of them. more donald trump in china. china. ♪
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>> let's say china. >> china. china. china. >> that is more of that incredible huffington post mash-up.
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emily: how marc andreessen is investing in the face of volatility across the globe. i'm emily chang. this is "bloomberg west." why the ceo of blue street says we are in a bubble. netflix says goodbye to major hollywood films like "the hunger games." all of that coming up on "bloomberg west." we start with the markets.


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